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Date:  2021
Location:  Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Status:  Project
Project Type:  Yoga training school and wellness space

Surface:  2500 m2


Soulful is a project that aspires to be a wellness sanctuary nestled in the jungle of Tulum. The design guideline of the project focuses mainly on providing an experience around the theme of well-being, revolving around the practice of yoga. The space is poured to live under a light roof in the form of an ellipse. That it is planned to be made of vernacular materials and around natural finishes, like regional woods such as sapote, tzalam, some others such as bamboo, complemented by the use of modern construction materials in their most neutral possible form, such as It can be a polished or apparent concrete.


The space is complemented by a cafeteria, commercial spaces dedicated to the same theme and wash spaces.


Vegetation is key to giving a unique essence to the project.

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