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Date: 2018
Location: Russia

Status: Project
Project Type: Vertical Housing


The project was done in collaboration with STVX (Aguascalientes, Mexico) in partnership with María Eizayaga (Buenos Aires, Argentina), and won 1st Place in the international contest "Open International Competition for Alternative Layout Design in Standard Housing", organized by DOM .RF and Strelka KB with the support of "The Ministry of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector of Russia."

The objective is to develop architectural proposals for vertical collective housing solutions, to be replicated throughout the Russian territory; was developed under the premise “Solutions in which versatility leads to diversity”. For this, advanced construction technologies were used that favored the creation of an environment of comfort and safety for users.  

In the competition, the participants had the task of creating optimal planning solutions that were easily replicable and adaptable to the needs of various groups, as well as to the climatic conditions of the country, while anticipating the possible changes that could be introduced during the phase. of implementation.

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