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Date: 2018
Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Status: Built
Project Type: Boutique building

Built Surface: 1500 m2


The challenge was to manage to combine a vast architectural program with the expected services in a beach development; in a property whose dimensions do not exceed 900 m2. 4 garden suites, 2 studios, 2 apartments and 3 penthouses with a roof garden each, that constitute the housing part of the project, while a large multipurpose covered area, pool, terrace, gardens, parking lots and guardhouse; complement the services.

Respecting the environment and reserving the largest number of square meters on the ground floor for common use and recreation was one of the premises that led us to allocate only a third of the land for the construction of the building, freeing up a portion of the ground floor, instead offering a multipurpose space open to all users.

Volumes that are projected in cantilever make up the façade, housing terraces on the first level and closed spaces on the second. Exalting a contemporary geometry and alluding to a Mayan fret through rhythms and shadows.

A sober materiality, composed of stones from the region, bamboo, wood, glass and apparent concrete, achieve a clear reading of the building.

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